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oM vighnesho nah sa paayaad vihritishu jaladhiM
pushkar aagrena pitvaa yasminn uddhritya hastaM
vamati tad'akhilaM drishyate vyomni devaih /

kvaapyambhah kvaapi vishnuh kvacana kamalabhuuh
kvaapya'nantah kvaca shrih kvaapyaurvah kvaapi shailah
kvacana manigana kvaapi nakraadisatvaah //


May Lord Gaanapati protect us!
At the time of churning the great milky ocean Ganesh drank the whole ocean, and kept it in his own body. Then the Gods implored and requesting him to throw it back in its own position with the promised that hereafter they would adore Ganesh at the beginning of all circumstances.


Then Ganesh vomited the whole ocean through his trunk. At that time the gods observed, "O Goddess Lakshmi has fallen down! Poison has fallen down! Milk has fallen down! That mountain has fallen down!" At other places they observed fire and jewels resting on the bottom of that ocean. They saw Vishnu, Lakshmi and big crocodiles. They also saw the moon coming down. Everything fell down by and by and the gods observed, 'Let that Maha Ganesh protect us from all evils.'


After reciting this sloka of Ganesh you should recite this mantra.


om glüm gam ganapataye namah (10 times)